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Malahide's magnificant medieval monument

Project in brief
This medieval mansion was built in stages by the Talbot family commencing with their grant of land in 1171. The castle is a Recorded Monument and the huge demesne contains numerous Protected Structures of great architectural and historic interest.

Our brief was to visually inspect a broad range of designated structures within the demesne (which is a prime tourist attraction and was inspected whilst open for business as usual) and report on their structural condition (listing structural defects and probable causes, and assessing safe floor loadings etc.).

Project 3908: Monument - Inspection
Malahide Castle Demesne
Client: Fingal County Council
Architects: Paul Arnold
Value: € 14.7k (2009)

Project scope:
  • Visual Inspection
  • Structural Assessment
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Survey included:

Malahide Castle
Original twelfth century bawn and subsequent extensions (medieval, Georgian, Victorian etc.)

Ruined Abbey + Graveyard
Fifteenth century structure

Museum Complex
Courtyard offices including Tara's Palace, Fry Model Railway Museum, park rangers offices and retail units

Gate Lodges
Four historic gate lodges and adjacent ornate entrance gates

Barbican Tower
Seventeenth century structure

Sports Pavilions
Two sports pavilions (a cricket club, and a tennis / golf clubhouse)

Demesne Boundary Walls
Various types of boundary wall with an overall perimeter length of 4.25 kilometres enclosing 108 hectares of parkland and sports fields

Historical Renovation

At LeeMcCullough we have exceptional experience of revitalising existing buildings, which is often more complex than the structural engineering of new buildings.

Over many projects we have addressed and resolved a wide range of issues, including:

  • Strengthening historical joists and beams to carry increased loading
  • Masonry Decay/Delamination
  • Threading modern services into old structures

At LeeMcCullough we always seek to identify and resolve issues early, innovatively address demanding building difficulties and deliver our solutions on time and cost efficiently.

When it comes to renovation and refurbishment, anticipating and resolving engineering issues effectively is the key to a successful outcome.