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Conservation Engineering At LeeMcCullough

At LeeMcCullough we offer a comprehensive range of services for Conservation Projects of all sizes. We have gained extensive experience working with many conservation specialists on a wide range of protected structures and national monuments.

As conservation engineers, we always endeavour to preserve the historic fabric of endangered structures with the absolute minimum of intervention.

In cases where intervention is unavoidable, our structural solutions are carefully devised to be minimal, reversible, and sympathetic to the structure.

We are mindful that the analysis of historic structures requires an intimate knowledge of both historic building materials and historic bui lding methods. We have developed a large knowledge base over many years, and we are very familiar with historic building construction - especially the Georgian and Victorian styles.

Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of building types and sizes, from small Victorian dwellings to grand medieval castles; from derelict Georgian terraces to majestic landmark cathedrals.

Our client base includes private owners, many local authorities, the Office of Public Works, and a wide range of entrepreneurial developers.

Members of our staff serve on the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), and are regularly sought for their expert opinion on the most challenging conservation projects to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions whilst maintaining the very highest standards of conservation best practice.

Conservation Engineering

For more than 40 years, we at LeeMcCullough have been providing conservation engineering services for historic building projects involving protected structures and registered national monuments.

Key aspects of our services are:

  • Keeping up to date with the latest advances in remedial technology.
  • An open, collaborative philosophy providing conservation engineering solutions that are appropriate for the specific project, will satisfy conservation principles and are cost-effective in delivery.
  • A close working relationship with all parties involved; effective team participation; and knowledgeable and experienced integration with other service providers.
  • A professional commitment to our client's projects; delivering a flexible and quality service, cost-efficient and on time.

At LeeMcCullough, we provide senior, experienced personnel supported by the required resources, to lead our involvement in your project, demonstration of our commitment to provide excellent client service and quality / innovative design solutions.