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St. Columba's College

Project in brief
St. Columba's College relocated to its current site in south county Dublin in 1847. Many of its buildings date from this period.* Over the years we have been involved in the renovation of the Argyle Building (2005), the Cadogan Building and most recently the Warden's House (2007).

*(The Buildings on the campus display a variety of architecture from the Georgian and Victorian periods as well as from twentieth and twenty first centuries.)

Argyle Building
The complete refurbishment of this building involved the strengthening of the existing first floor, conversion of ground floor dormitory into a dining room, the reconfiguring of the kitchen facilities and the installation of three new escape stairs.

Project 3571/3808/3900 Educational Renovation
St. Columba's College
Client: St. Columba's College
Architects: CCH

LeeMcCullough team:
Frank Lee
Norman Irvine

Project scope:
  • Renovation of Argyle Building
  • Renovation of Cadogan Building
  • Renovate roof of Hollypark House
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Cadogan Building
The complete renovation of this two storey building, converted it into a new Music and Performing Arts School. Structurally this involved the strengthening of the existing First Floor, new fire escape stairs and new external door opening and associated steps and ramps.

Warden House
The roof of this building was stripped and re-slated. The main Structural element of this project involved the replacement/strengthening of the decayed ends of the existing roof trusses.

Historical Renovation

At LeeMcCullough we have exceptional experience of revitalising existing buildings, which is often more complex than the structural engineering of new buildings.

Over many projects we have addressed and resolved a wide range of issues, including:

  • Strengthening historical joists and beams to carry increased loading
  • Masonry Decay/Delamination
  • Threading modern services into old structures

At LeeMcCullough we always seek to identify and resolve issues early, innovatively address demanding demanding building difficulties and deliver our solutions on time and cost efficiently.

When it comes to renovation and refurbishment, anticipating and resolving engineering issues effectively is the key to a successful outcome.