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Modern New Offices incorporation space and light

Project in brief
We were the engineers on the original 1971 office building on this site.

Our clients purchased this building in 1998 and shortly thereafter assembled a team to totally renovate and extend it. Gilroy McMahon Architects designed this award winning scheme, which involved an additional floor, extension to the front, and the side, total replacement of the former brick facades with glazed walls and new raised floors.

We appraised the original structure for the altered loads, and designed a new steel framed five storey extension on the Hatch Street side - incorporating a tall entrance hall, cut deeply into the existing structure, and a street side water feature.

Project 3051: Office - New Build and Renovation
Styne House, Dublin
Client: Green Properties
Architects: Gilroy McMahon
Value: € 15m (2000)

Project scope:
  • Complete renovation of existing building
  • New five storey section
  • New entrance/cantilevered floor extensions
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Key features

On the Iveagh Gardens face there are cantilevered floor projections providing a modeled façade overlooking the green oasis.

New foundations, as in 1971, are piled.

Engineering New Buildings

For more than 30 years, we at LeeMcCullough we have been providing structural and civil engineering services for new buildings in the commercial, education, leisure, retail and residential sectors.

Key aspects of our services are:

  • An open, collaborative, philosophy providing engineering design solutions that are appropriate for the specific project, will support architectural creativity and are cost-effective in delivery.
  • A close working relationship with all parties involved; effective team participation; and knowledgeable and experienced integration with other service providers.
  • A professional commitment to our client's projects; delivering a flexible and quality service, cost efficiently and on time.

At LeeMcCullough we provide senior, experienced personnel supported by the required resources, to lead our involvement in your project, demonstration of our commitment to provide excellent client service with quality / innovative design solutions.