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Landmark Clock moved to new location

When The Irish Times moved from their offices on Westmoreland Street, they decided to take their landmark clock with them and have it erected beside their new offices on Tara Street. We were asked by Architects Henry J Lyons to design a structural system to allow the clock to cantilever high above street level, independent of the building

The main challenge on this project was caused by the physical size of the clock. The body of the clock is 1m in diameter suspended approximately 2.5m out from it's support point. Following a detailed examination of the existing offices at the location where it was intended to erect the clock structure, it was decided that it would not be practical to cantilever the clock from the façade at that point due to tight deflection limits imposed on the structure by the façade system. As an alternative, it was decided to erect the clock as a stand-alone piece of Street Architecture adjacent to the entrance of the offices. This new design called for two 9m tall free standing posts off which the clock was to hang.

Project 3813 - Street Architecture
Irish Times Clock
Client: The Irish Times
Architects: Henry J Lyons
Value: €100,000

Project scope:
  • Street Architecture
  • Landmark development
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Key features

In what must have been Dublin's smallest building site, work commenced on the foundations for the new posts. The ground in the area was fill to a depth of several metres due to the construction of the office block. Fortunately there was reputed to be a tower crane base just under were the posts were to be located. On opening the foundations the base was discovered to be about 1.5m away from the desired position. Due to the location of live services, the posts could not move so a foundation was designed which hung off the edge of the crane base.

In September 2008, to much fanfare, the clock was unveiled in its new location. Internally the clock had also undergone a transformation so that it would light up at dusk and is now automated, removing the need to adjust the time twice yearly.

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