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New Headquarters and Residential Centre for the Franciscan Sisters

Project in brief
The project entails the construction of a new residential and communal facility for the Franciscan Sisters at their Generalate Headquarters at Sandymount, Dublin.

The structure of the single and two storey building consists of a combination of precast and insitu concrete floor slabs, structural steel framing and load bearing block work walls. Slimfloor steel beams were selected to reduce the overall structural depth.

The building is supported on bored piles which carry a system of ground beams cast monolithically with the ground floor slab.

The roof finish is an insulated profiled metal deck sheet on steel purlins supported on structural steel framing and block walls.

External walls at first floor level are constructed using an insulated timber framed internal leaf with a brick outer leaf. This construction considerably reduced the load carried by the cantilevering floor beams at first floor level.

Project 3741 - New Build
Franciscan Sisters Generalate Gidford Road
Client: Franciscan Sisters
Architects: Gerry Cahill Architects
Value: €1.8m (2007)

Lee McCullough Team: Gerry McCabe

Project scope:
  • Two storey Residential Wing
  • Single storey Administation Wing
  • Glazed Link
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Key Features
Piled foundations were adopted due to poor load bearing ground conditions at shallow depths and the need to reduce potential disruption caused by the haulage of excavated spoil through a sensitive residential area.

Steel framing was adopted to allow for future flexibility in layout and to support the overhanging first floor along the front of the building.

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