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Project in brief
22 Clyde Road is a designated Protected Structure, and is the headquarters of Engineers Ireland (the operating name of The Institution of Engineers of Ireland) who represent the interests of more than twenty-one thousand professional engineers in Ireland. The original building was linked to a modern lecture theatre building situated at the rear.

The client required additional office space, archive storage and upgraded lecture facilities.

The project was defined by a decision to move the lecture theatre from its old first floor location to a new embedded position below the garden. Another floor was added to the old lecture theatre building and two floors of offices were installed over the retained conference room. In conjunction with the above, it was decided to create a new Archive Building.

Project 3228: Commercial - New Build
22 Clyde Road
Client: Engineers Ireland
Architects: McCullough Mulvin
Value: € 2.9m (2005)

Project scope:
  • Embedded lecture theatre
  • Protected Structure
  • New mews building with offices
  • Innovative garden roof
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Key features

The first part of the work was the most radical and difficult to undertake - to excavate the garden, place the new lecture theatre under it and replant overhead, creating a new garden. To carry out this work, the entire inner façade of the original lecture theatre building was removed to expose the structure; this was underpinned and the garden area excavated and lined with silent vibrated sheet piles. A new angled steel structure was installed against the original façade with extensive services located between the earth roof and the internal lining of the lecture theatre.

The "green roof surface" extended from the ground at an angle and turned up the wall, creating additional space at first floor and a location for a lift behind it. Earth was infilled above the lecture theatre, a grid of tensioned cables strapped across it and the timber surface - providing a field that will become green and dense with foliage.

The building, the first of its type in Dublin has been recommended as an innovative model for inner city development on tight urban sites.

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