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Extended modernised office & warehouse space for Dublin City Council

Project in brief
In 2002 we participated in a feasibility study for extend and upgrade of the existing Dublin City Council drainage maintenance depot at Bannow Road. The existing building consisted of a two bay double portal frame shed and a single storey office building to the side. Work on the depot was subsequently carried out in two phases during which the depot remained operational throughout.

Phase 1, completed in early 2005, consisted of the construction of a new double portal frame so as to add a new bay to the shed, new roller shutter doors to each bay to allow maintenance vehicles to drive through the shed, and the complete re-roofing of the shed.

Phase 2, completed in early 2007, involved the addition of a second storey to the existing office building along with a small extension. The existing office space was also refurbished.

Project 3447 : New Build
Bannow Road Depot
Client: Dublin City Council
Architects: Michael Collins & Associates
Value: €2.5m (2009)

Project scope:
  • Feasibility Study
  • Re-roofing and extension of portal frame shed
  • Additional storey of office space
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Key Features

Renovation work is always challenging especially when the building is located within a small and very busy complex that must remain operational. The existing steel portal frames in the shed had to be justified to carry the load of the new roof, while the foundations and walls of the existing offices had to be justified for the load of the additional storey. This type of work requires engineering experience, appropriate judgment and innovative solutions. The extra storey of office accommodation was designed entirely of lightweight materials including a new timber floor to carry office loads.

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